Gear for Historical Fencing Classes in Port Townsend, WA


Nathan Barnett, fencing instructorYes, we prefer white button-down shirt, black pants or skirt. Tie, pocket watch, both optional. All skin covered. Donít have such stuff, donít sweat it. Work towards getting there so we look less like a bunch of oddballs playing in the park, if thatís possible.

Protective gear

Disclaimer: I havenít tried all of these and quality tends to shift over time and with manufacturers. Safety is important, even if I tend to be flip in class. Gear up for better training.


Disclaimer: I donít know the difference between these, but Iíd tend to go upscale for masks. You only get one head):

Arms ďVambracesĒ

  • Iíve often got a couple loaners. You only need right, but left is good to have.
  • Leather do-it-yourself vambraces are fine. Go thick for fewer bruises
  • Fancy plastic vambraces ($60)



  • Men are strongly encouraged to wear cups. Iím not going to check. Your stuff, your call
  • Women are strongly encouraged to wear a plastron. Example: I canít offer specific guidelines, but seems smart.