Historical Fencing Classes in Port Townsend, WA

Details in Brief
When: 1:30pm Sundays
Where: Call for location
What: Fencing Classes
Cost: $40/month
Who: Student 18 and up interested in exercise, martial arts, history, & camaraderie
Information: info@embassyarms.org or call 206-799-5069

About Class

fencing weaponsThe Embassy Arms Historical Fencing Club is dedicated to teaching historical European martial arts. Study is currently focused on the short cut-and-thrust sword, whether the naval cutlass, German gros messer (German "big knife," think Medieval battlefield machete), or modern tactical weapon. Class takes place weekly.

Training includes drills and free play with training weapons that simulate a cutlass or similar "shortish" close-quarters sword. There's also an opportunity to do some work on walking stick (Swiss le cane), quarter staff, and others.

Class structure

Class assumes everyone arrives as a novice to the martial arts. The class is open to ages 18 and up. In my experience, previous martial arts training is both a blessing and a curse since while you may know some stuff, it may not be appropriate to sword play. Wear loose clothing in layers (the space may be quite chilly), long sleeves, and pants or skirt, and shoes you would be willing to jump and run in. Also bring a pair of leather work gloves or similar hand protection. Inexpensive gloves from a hardware store are perfect.


Nathan Barnett, fencing instructorNathan Barnett is an historical martial arts amateur-enthusiast who has been teaching historical swordplay since 2000. H has an additional decade of Asian martial arts experience. He was an instructor with Academia della Spada until moving to Port Townsend in June of 2011 and now teaches with The Barton-Wright/Alfred Hutton Alliance for Historically Accurate Hoplology and Antagonistics (BWAHAHA), a Georgetown-based (Seattle) Victorian Martial arts club. His focus has been 16th Century English broadsword (George Silver). In his off hours he is an IT professional and keeper of The Old Consulate Inn, and executive director of Olympic Peninsula Steam, a non-profit dedicated to historical event and community development.


To enroll please contact Nathan Barnett at nathan@embassyarms.org or call 206-799-5069.